Welfare/Human Resource Development

Human Resources DevelopmentWe put a range of systematic training programs to actively cope with ever changing business environment and to develop a skill set aligned to a company leadership profile.

  • Induction Program for New Employees

    Orientation for new comers to introduce company and working environment.

  • Health and Safety Training

    We provide safety and health training to all employees in accordance with ' Health and Safety Management Plan'. We also extend learning opportunities to business partners, customers, and local community.

  • Leadership Training by Class

    Every year, we select required leadership topics to align with the company's objective and provide leadership development training by class.

  • Systematic Training Plan

    We implement systematic and tailored training plan for every job group based on required competencies. Technical skills for hourly workers, quality management training and Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE).

  • Company-wide Team Building

    We conduct company-wide team building bi-annually for the build-up of team spirit.

  • Individual Job Training

    We offer internal and external job training opportunities to help our people grow to experts in their respective areas.

Fringe Benefits