Company Overview

Since founded in 1978, Halla Cement Co., Ltd., has been leading a domestic cement industry, providing high-quality cement products and services.
In addition to our business development, as our commitment to the social responsibilities based on ESG Management, we are now actively engaged in a various eco-friendly projects such as quarry rehabilitation, Baekdudaegan Mountain conservation and endangered species’ habitat restoration. In addition, we also lead social contribution by sponsoring Habitat for Humanity Korea, voluntarily funding for a local community’s welfare and providing an annual scholarship to local students for their career advance.
From January 2018, we have been reinvigorated as an affiliate of Asia Cement, making it a Korea’s third-largest cement manufacturer with a nationwide network.
We promise to keep delivering the high quality products and services to our business partners and bring better values for all our stakeholders.


Financial Statement

(Unit: 1 million won)

Classification 24nd 23st 22th
As of December 31, 2021 As of December 31, 2020 As of December 31, 2019
Current assets 172,537 152,572 167,496
Non-current assets 799,704 776,941 741,370
Total assets 972,241 929,513 908,866
Current liabilities 144,341 107,566 125,772
Non-current liabilities 568,417 580,205 550,965
Total liabilities 712,759 687,772 676,737
Capital 61,153 61,153 61,153
Other paid-in capital 27,023 27,023 27,023
Retained earnings 171,306 153,565 143,952
Total capital 259,482 241,741 132,128
Total debt and capital 972,241 929,513 908,865